The Judea Military Court convicted Aziz Salha for the murder of Israeli soldier Vadim Norzich, one of two soldiers killed in a lynching in a Ramallah police station four years ago.

The two soldiers had been on their way to an army base in the West Bank.
After making a wrong turn, they were taken to a police station in Ramallah where they were set upon.

In graphic footage that was broadcast around the world, the bodies of the two Israeli’s were thrown out of an upstairs window and beaten with iron bars by the crowd below.

The convicted man, Salha, was seen standing in the upstairs window waving his bloody hands at the crowd.

The bloody encounter occurred in the first weeks of the second Palestinian intifada.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military court has charged an army officer with illegally using his weapon after he allegedly shot at the corpse of young Palestinian girl in Gaza.

The 13 year old schoolgirl, Iman al-Hams, was killed by Israeli soldiers who suspected her of carrying explosives.

After an initial shooting, the unnamed officer and another soldier approached the wounded girl.

The officer in question then allegedly pointed his M16 weapon down and shot her at close range.

After moving away, the officer then reportedly returned to the girl’s body and fired at the corpse until his magazine was empty.

Palestinian doctors say the teenager was hit by about 20 bullets.

Army chief Moshe Yaalon said the troops had believed the girl was sent by Palestinian militants to lead them away from the outpost so they could be attacked by snipers.

Her schoolbag contained only books.

The officer was also charged with inappropriate behaviour and obstruction of justice.

An earlier internal investigation by the army had cleared him of any wrongdoing.

The BBC says that 900 Israelis and more than 3,500 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the Palestinian uprising in September 2000.