The heavy metal singer gave chase and grappled with an intruder at his home near London.

The burglar eventually fled after jumping ten metres from a first floor window.

Ozzy has offered a 100 thousand pound reward for the jewellery’s return, which includes two wedding rings, a diamond necklace, a sapphire ring and two watches.

He told a press conference he could have met the same fate as late Beatle George Harrison, who was repeatedly stabbed in a break-in in 1999.

“I acted on impulse,” Ozzy said. “In hindsight, it could have been a lot worse. It could’ve got really ugly. I could have been badly injured or shot or anything. I just thank God that no-one got injured.”

His wife Sharon, who called the police, said her wedding rings were taken from her bedside table as she slept.

She expressed anger at the person who “hasn’t worked and wants to take what’s yours”.

“But the thing is, we worked for everything. I came from Brixton. Ozzy came from not a very nice part of Birmingham and everything we’ve got we have worked our arses off for.”

“If I choose to make an investment for my kids in whatever way I choose to make it, that’s my business and I worked for every God damn penny.”

The singer did not want to talk in detail about his actions. But when asked whether he would do the same again replied: “Is the Pope a Catholic?”

He said he was “just coming to grips” with what had happened and his opinion of the UK had been lowered after 12 relatively trouble-free years in the US.

“We lived in Los Angeles where people get shot every day and have been trailed by lots of different stalkers – and yet we come back to England and I’m very disappointed.”

Ozzy also lamented two years in which the family has been plagued by problems, including his critical injury in a quad bike accident, his wife’s colon cancer, their childrens’ drug problems and now the burglary.

On the night of the burglary, the Osbournes had been celebrating the birthday of singer Sir Elton John’s partner David Furnish.