A Sydney judge has rejected an application to throw out the “unusual” case of a young medical student accused of murdering his father.


Joshua John Ravindran, 21, is on trial for murdering his dad, Ravi Ravindran, whose body was found in his Blue Mountains home on April 23, 2011.

The Crown alleges Ravindran murdered his father by striking him with a baseball bat and strangling him with a length of rope.

But Ravindran, who has pleaded not guilty to murder, submits he found his father hanging from a beam in his bedroom.

After laying him on the bed, Ravindran says he hit his father to the head at least twice with a baseball bat in a fit of anger because he believed his dad had abandoned him through suicide.

Ravindran is being tried in the Supreme Court before a judge alone without a jury.

Earlier this week, defence barrister Stephen Russell urged Justice Stephen Campbell to terminate the trial and acquit Ravindran of murder.

He argued the Crown could not exclude beyond reasonable doubt the possibility that Mr Ravindran attempted to hang himself.

The court has heard two forensic pathologists now agree that a large proportion of the injuries that led to Mr Ravindran’s death could have resulted from him trying to hang himself.

Justice Campbell noted, the case “certainly has some unusual features” which would require careful consideration.

“(But) I am not satisfied that the Crown case is so lacking in weight and reliability that a conviction could not reasonably be made on the basis of it,” he said in a judgment handed down on Monday.

In expressing this view, the judge said he was exercising no judgment “one way or the other” on the critical issue of whether Ravindran is guilty of murder.

The trial continues.