says it wants to take the religious snack on a world tour hoping it will generate inspiration among those who see it.

“We believe that everyone should be able to see it and learn of its mystical powers for themselves,” said Richard Rowe, CEO of the casino.

The sale of the sandwich on the eBay auction website was spotlighted by the international media and drew legions of spoofers.

“Since this ‘slice of heaven’ has affected so many people worldwide, Golden Palace intends to do the same with the sandwich by taking it on a tour around the world and allowing people to see the icon,” the online casino said in a statement.

It said it invited the snack’s original owner, Diana Duyser, on the tour so people can hear her story and share her luck.

“We will definitely use the sandwich to raise money for charity, and we hope it will raise people’s spirits, as well,” Mt Rowe said after announcing that the online casino acquired the apparitional treat for 28,000 dollars.

The half-sandwich with a corner bitten off and what appears to be a woman’s face visible on its surface was first placed on eBay two weeks ago.

The online auction house initially withdrew the item, but eventually allowed it back amid a flood of media coverage.

Ms Duyser, 52, of Hollywood, Florida, insists the snack she kept in a clear plastic box by her bedside is the real thing.

On its Web page, the casino also advertised its Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese T-shirt.

Similar garments, which do not mention the casino, were on sale on eBay, as were dozens of less orthodox offerings, such as the “Ariel Sharon pork chop,” “Yasser Arafat on a falafel” and the “George W. Bush tortilla.”

There were also spinoffs such as the “tomato soup for Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich” and “Our Lady of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Virgin Mary CD.”